What our Patients say

What our Patients say

I am very happy with my treatment at Progressive Vision. It is a lovely place, staff are very friendly, helpful and the results are good. I have glaucoma but great treatment means it hasn’t interfered with my life.

Niamh Brophy

I saw my sister go blind with macular degeneration- she now has a white stick which prompted me to get my eyes checked. Macular degeneration started in my left eye, then moved to the right eye. I’ve been getting injections every 6-8 weeks in one eye at a time so I can keep driving and living my life. Dr Mark and his team are very kind and very patient.

Oliver McDonnell

Mark, thank you for being so patient with such a nervous person. Your staff are very kind. I want to praise especially Louise, Sadhbh and Alison. They are exceptional, and thanks also to kind Ciara who was so reassuring.

Jenny Dunne

Great specialists, they make you feel at ease and explain everything logically and in detail so you leave the place confident you’re in good hands. Katie was lovely to me, I’m grateful for the care. It may not be important for everyone, but the place is also beautiful, modern and spotless.

Alexandra Hadzhikidi

Progressive Vision staff are so welcoming. I am very happy with my Valeda treatment for macular degeneration. Dr Morsy was very kind – thank you.

M.C., Dublin

My treatment at Progressive Vision is for macular degeneration. I get regular eye injections from Dr Mark Cahill- I find him very nice and caring and excellent at his job.

Bernie Dougan