What our Patients say

What our Patients say

I have been a patient of Mr Mark Cahill and his staff at Progressive Vision for approximately ten years. I am in my eighties and suffer from macular degeneration in both eyes, wet AMD in my right eye and dry AMD in my left eye. Due to my failing eyesight I require an injection in my right eye approximately every months to maintain normal vision. I have two reviews annually to ensure the treatment is working properly and my eyesight is not deteriorating.   I have always found the Progressive Vision team very friendly and approachable, all questions are answered clearly. I am very impressed by the efficiency of the team, the advanced technology and I can recommend Progressive Vision for their overall approach.

Carmen Oroz Funes

Mr. Cahill carried out successful cataract removal on both eyes in Jun.’21 and Sept.’21.  In March ’23 while in Spain I needed emergency surgery for a tear in my retina. I got wonderful support over the phone from Progressive Vision. My total experience with Progressive Vision has been superb particularly as I am a very nervous patient in medical settings !

Andrew Flynn

Although its early days after my Valeda treatment for dry AMD, there is more brightness in my vision. I am now able to read numbers on the calendar and on my ipad more clearly, although I read slowly. Previously the writing was blurred so I am very happy with the result.

Caitriona Donnelly

Following my OptiLight treatments, my dry eye symptoms have really eased. Eyedrops were just masking the problem. My eyes are clear now- not red, gritty or streaming water. I’m delighted with the treatment- it was quick and painless and staff were very kind, especially Eve and Hannah.

Niamh Crosbie

While reading the newspaper a few weeks after my Valeda treatment for dry AMD, I thought my right eye, my bad eye felt very comfortable- it had been scratchy and very irritated. The other eye has eased also. I am very happy with the treatment and the staff at the clinic are so kind.

Maire Curtin

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes under the leadership of surgeon, Mark Cahill. I experienced a consistently high standard of professionalism and pastoral care. It is commonplace to speak of ‘modern miracles’, but that is what this particular medical intervention feels like to me, as it restored the ‘forty shades of green’ that my eyes had simply stopped registering.

Celia G Kenny