Patient charter

What you can expect What you can do to help
Access If we have to cancel your appointment we will give you a new priority appointment.  You will be given assistance, if required, to be transferred immediately to a  hospital Keep appointments and let us know if you cannot attend.  Let us know if you have any requirements such as alternative methods of communication
Safety We will provide your care in a clean and safe environment, delivered by trusted professionals.  You may be accompanied by a person of your choosing Support us to deliver safe care.  For example if you think that one of our team has forgotten to wash their hands please give them a gentle reminder
Courtesy & Respect We will treat you with courtesy, respect, dignity and kindness.  We respect diversity of culture, beliefs and values Please treat our team and other patients with dignity, respect and consideration
Privacy We will ensure that you have adequate personal space and privacy while you are in our clinic Support us to safeguard other patients’ privacy and personal space
Information We will listen carefully and communicate openly and honestly with you.  We will clearly explain any treatment you need including any risks or alternatives.  You can ask for details of your medical records Help us to promote clear communication.  If there is something that you don’t understand let us know so that we can explain it better
Consent We will ask you for implied, verbal or written consent depending on what treatment you need Support us in the consent process by asking questions if you don’t understand
Second Opinion You may request a second opinion, either here, or by referral to another health care facility Discuss any concerns you have with the clinician who is treating you
Confidentiality/Purpose We will keep your personal information and medical records confidential.  We will only collect information relevant to your care and will only use it for that purpose, unless you agree we can use if for any other purpose Discuss with us any concerns you may have about your personal information
Teaching/Research You may decline to participate in teaching of healthcare students by our team.  You may also decline to participate in any research that we are undertaking Let us know if you do not wish to have a healthcare student present during your consultation or treatment or if you don’t want to participate in research
Discharge When you are discharged from our care we will inform your family doctor of the nature of your condition and any results Let us know if you do not wish your information to be sent to your family doctor
Complaints & Comment We welcome your complaints or feedback about our care, including any positive feedback. We will investigate your complaints and work to address your concerns Your feedback matters.  Tell us about your experience with us so we can continue to learn