Mossy Moments with Sarah McGowan

Mossy Moments with Sarah McGowan

February 27, 2024

✨We had a really heartwarming day at the clinic recently meeting Sarah Mc Gowan and her incredible guide dog, Mossy. 🐾❤️

👁️‍🗨 Sarah, who is visually impaired since birth, is the epitome of resilience and inspiration. She doesn’t let anything hold her back and advocates passionately for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the rights of people with disabilities. ✊ She recently graduated with a degree in Law and Politics from Trinity College Dublin.

During a recent visit to the Progressive Vision clinic where her sister Hannah works, Sarah told us that 83% of Guide Dog and Assistance Dog owners have been refused access to public places like cafes and shops despite being legally entitled to do so.

Her appearance on the RTE news in December 2023 highlighted this fact and Sarah’s frustration that the laws are not enforced.

Sectors causing the most difficulty included retail, hospitality, transport, public amenities and some medical facilities.


Irish equality legislation gives guide and assistance dog owners the right to access businesses and services without discrimination.  This includes access to all forms of public transport, all forms of hospitality accommodation and all establishments that provide food, including cafes, restaurants, pubs, delis and supermarkets.


Sarah has had her guide dog Mossy for six years.

Despite legislation which enables guide dogs and assistance dogs to enter premises, Sarah is regularly challenged over Mossy’s presence in restaurants and retail outlets like clothes shops.

Sarah and Mossy graduate from Trinity
Sarah and Mossy graduate from Trinity

Mossy – the instagram star!!

Mossy is a beautiful Golden retriever with a lovely temperament.  He is now 7 and is an Instagram star with his own page- Mossy moments.  Sarah exolained that Irish Guide dogs pair the visually impaired person with the most suitable dog- we can all agree Sarah and Mossy make a great pair!

Mossy doesn’t like the Guide dog jacket- he prefers his harness.  Once his harness is on, he is in working mode.  Its is essential that we the public do not try and pet a guide dog with their jacket or harness on.  However when the harness came off in the Progressive Vision clinic, Mossy adored the belly rubs and attention!

Sarah explained that access refusals have a significant impact on people’s confidence, independence, wellbeing and, most of all, their right to participate as equal citizens in Irish society.

4 in 5 guide dogs denied access to public places
4 in 5 guide dogs denied access to public places


How you can help

Please spread the word among family, friends, colleagues and local businesses in your area that Guide Dog and Assistance Dog owners have the legal right of access. Together we can take action to drive change.

🔗 Check out Sarah and Mossy’s heartwarming story on RTE News:

🤝 Let’s support this fantastic cause!

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